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Do you want to find out how to evaluate the biocompatibility of the environment in which you live and work? You can do that with the Leacher Antenna.

The Lecher Antenna is the main scientific instrument used for the qualitative detection of energy fields and their interactions. Born from the initial research of the famous Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher, the device was then designed to accurately measure environmental and organic wavelengths and electromagnetic frequencies.

Its very high quality makes it a very precise instrument in housing bionomics, architecture, geobiology, urban planning, environmental quality research, as well as in energy medicine, bioenergetics, acupuncture, remedial testing.

It allows to realize a complete work of detection and regulation of all the parameters of balance of man in his body, in his diet, in his environment for the achievement of a true holistic well-being.


The course is taught by Dr. Carlo K. Cortella, Director of the Research and Training Department of SOLS and top expert in the field, with the collaboration of Dr. Elenrose Caputo and Diego Rossi.

Charles K. Cortella is the current director of studies and research at SOLS (Swiss Optimal Living Society) and the EBSI (Energetic Building Sustainability Institute) in Lugano. He is one of the leading Swiss experts in Energetic Bionomics and Environmental Toxicology and is a lecturer in Applied Bionomics and Lecher Antenna at the SOLS Education Department. He was the Managing Director of Life-Visionlab in Zurich with whom he implemented some of the world's most innovative protocols on the dynamics of liquid and water crystallization. For over twenty years he has also studied Indian philosophy and Yoga applied to neuroscience. He is a philosopher of Vedanta science (doctorate degree Ph.D. in Hindovedic psychology and Vedanta Applied Sciences USA) so he combines the most modern notions of quantum physics and Bionomics with the great tradition of classical Indian thought.


Basics and principles of measurement with Lecher Antenna

The course introduces the fascinating quantum world of Lecher Antenna:

Context and sources of the Lecher practice.

Wave and frequency definition.

The Lecher measurement method in EB and the basic technique.

Lecher Antenna in Energetic Bionomics

The course provides an introduction and development of the main parameters of Lecher Antenna:

The electromagnetic and geological measurement files and the search for telluric radiation with the instrument.

Improvement of the Lecher measuring technique in EB.

Lecher Antenna and body measurement

The course provides an introduction and a development of the main parameters of Lecher Antenna in relation to the human body and the fundamental energies that operate in it.

Improvement of Lecher measurement technique in Bioenergetics.

Practice applied to the use of Lecher Antenna

Practice drill. An entire weekend dedicated to perfecting the techniques acquired and to practice with the teacher.



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