Ionization kills Viruses and Bacteria


We live in difficult times with the growth of diseases and viruses in the air. Little is known about some of the emerging viruses and bacteria, such as the Coronavirus. It is important to stay up to date with accurate and reliable information and to take measures to protect you, your family, friends and colleagues from any undue harm.

We know that there are actions you can take to protect the air you breathe and the environment at home and in the office.

Viruses and bacteria spread in various ways, including: sneezing, coughing, breathing or waving hands, sweat, saliva, sexual contact, blood, water, ingestion and all common transfer mechanisms. Sometimes germs transfer from surfaces that we touch or from everyday objects that have been touched by other infected people. This makes the environment in which we find ourselves and the air we breathe extremely important to consider.


Air ionization (electrically charged air molecules) is a safe and well-designed technology that uses air ions to help remove air particles, dust, germs, microbes, pollen and odours from air. Ionized air is the air you breathe while out in nature, on top of a mountain, in a forest, near a waterfall or on the beach. The air is healthy, clean and full of vital energy.

It's been proven that air ionization:
  • Destroys viruses and bacteria [1-12].
  • Reduces bacteria and germs on the surface [1-3, 13-16].
  • Reduces particulate matter in the air [17,18].
  • Improves mood and well-being [19].

...and many other advantages!

To receive more information download the clinical evaluation report on air ionization and the research carried out on air ionization - ENGLISH - ENGLISH

An extremely powerful form of air ionization is called bipolar ionization which generates negative and positive ions simultaneously. This type of ionization is often found in schools, hospitals, airports, restaurants and some air systems in commercial and industrial buildings. Although widely used in these areas, bipolar ionization has been relatively little used in residential environments and small offices due to the high cost of this technology and installation. That... until now!

AERSwiss Pro units are unique in their patented bipolar ionization control process. AERSwiss Pro units control that the amount of positive and negative ions emitted is similar to that naturally present in natural healthy environments. Some "ionizers" on the market create only negative ions or even potentially large amounts of ozone. Although negative ions have been shown to have significant health benefits, when generated without a precise proportion, they are out of balance with the natural state. The AERSwiss Pro bipolar ionization process allows you to benefit from negative ions in their most natural, bioavailable and regenerating form. Both negative and positive ions are essential to help destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and other pollutants in the air you breathe.

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4-stage air treatment system

The Ojas® Eco-Bionizer - AERSwiss Pro is a 4-stage air treatment system manufactured in Switzerland, designed specifically for the modern environment. Using revolutionary patented technology, Ojas Eco-Bionizer - AERSwiss Pro filters, purifies, ionizes and energizes the home and office.


Ojas Eco-Bionizer - AERSwiss Pro is equipped with an exclusive 2-part filtration system, which includes a powerful electrostatic filter in addition to an active carbon filter. Thanks to the emission of ions, the filters are able to capture and remove solid impurities and fine dust particles up to a diameter of 0.1 micrometers (microns) from the air.


Ojas Eco-Bionizer - AERSwiss Pro helps to break down and destroy allergens, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the air, effectively purifying the air in the home and office. In addition, unpleasant odours and Volatile Organic Compounds VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds VOC, which are caused by the often dangerous chemistry of gasification, are neutralised and replaced with purer, more energised air.


Developed from 40 years of innovative studies and research in the field of air ionization, Ojas Eco-Bionizer - AERSwiss Pro generates simultaneously negative and positive ions in a precise ratio that produces healthy and bionomic natural environments, making you experience the air as it happens in nature. This technology patented in Switzerland controls the ratio of ion charges with absolute precision for maximum benefit to people, animals and plants living in your environment.


The key to energizing the environment, in addition to ionization, is the internal Bionomic Module of the Ojas Eco-Bionizer developed in Switzerland for over 20 years. This internal module increases the natural environmental energy produced by the unit, thus helping to increase the natural beneficial impact produced by the technology. Ojas technologies help to create a standardized EAN (Natural Environmental Energy) frequency field in confined environments through nano-vibrational activation, which flows in a coherent harmonic state.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - This information is provided for general educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute professional environmental, health or medical advice. Consult a health or environmental professional for any specific environmental and/or health concerns, services or assessments.



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