The Science of AEtere's - Residential in Tuscany



SOLS, as part of the advanced study programs in Energetic Bionomics is pleased to open the residential course in Tuscany, entirely dedicated to the science of AEtere's, to those who do not attend the annual and biennial programs in Energetic Bionomics.

The close collaboration between SOLS and AEtere's is renewed during the courses of study that aim to make students increasingly aware of and participate in the new vision of habitability and environmental biocompatibility and to specialize professionally in a field of work that supports and promotes life.

The Bionomics and the science of the AEtere's, are an integral part of a unique and advanced course of study in the study of Natural Ambient Energy NAE.

Andrea Amato and Roberto Zucchelli, founders of AEtere's will be the teachers during the week and with them we will study the energies of Places in history, from the Etruscans to the Celts arriving at Gothic cathedrals.

We will learn the techniques of visualization and perception, until we recognize the natural and artificial environmental aggressions of electromagnetism.

We will enter the Sacred Space and activate energy flows by studying raggistic theory.

We will dedicate a whole day to the excursion to the Abbey of San Galgano, to the Rotonda of Montesiepi, visiting the famous Sword in the Rock, where we will do a lot of practice of perceptive measurement.

During the weekend we will learn to recognize the universal form of the energy flow of each living system: the toroid and learn the nine basic principles of energy, we will discover the states of consciousness, brain waves and activated organs/ systems, to get to know the PHI and the AEtere's Subtle Technology.

It is a rich program of study, but also of applied practice and everything will take place in a place as rich in history and immersed in the nature of Chianti, where we can relax at the end of the day with a well-deserved dip in the pool.

For information and registration please contact:
Elenrose Caputo EN +39 3921215790
CH +41 (0)76 574 2204


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