Geobionomical mat (62 x 38.3 cm) with ITALIAN plug and grounding cable


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It helps to neutralize the electrical voltage of the human body by simply coming into contact with the material.

Italian certified material designed in Switzerland that reduces body electrical voltage levels by more than 90%!

Reduces dangerous artificial voltages and currents in the human body transmitted from the environment.

Includes geobionomic mat, geobionomic cable and geobionomic plug for ground connection!



The SOLS Geo-bionomic Mat helps to make the human body or electrical voltage neutral, wherever you want, simply by coming into contact with the material. This certified material has been shown to reduce body electrical voltage levels by more than 90%! This means that your body is rooted, less stressed and has the opportunity to improve well-being and productivity.

Swiss Optimal Living Society has developed and designed a revolutionary technology to help reduce artificial voltages and currents dangerous to the human body, transmitted by the environment.

Benefits of the SOLS® Geo-bionomic Mat

The SOLS Geo Mat can be placed above the desk, under the keyboard and mouse, or in direct contact with any part of the body, to help neutralize the dangerous effects of high body voltage and to harmonize with the surrounding environment. The mat helps to improve the physiological and energetic balance, creating a safer and more coherent environment, through the neutralization of unwanted electrical voltages and electrostatic voltages present in the environment. It also helps to significantly reduce body tension when sitting at your desk and in the work environment.

The SOLS Geo Mat is easy to use and can be installed on your desk in less than 30 seconds!

Health benefits associated with grounding through the use of a Geobionomic Mat include:

- Improved concentration and attention
- Increased natural
antioxidant levels - Improved mood
- Reduced inflammation
- Improved sleep
- Reduced pain
- Improved recovery from stress
- Improved performance

Note: The causes of symptoms in your body can be multiple. It is important to consult your doctor or health care professional to determine the exact causes and appropriate treatment of symptoms.

Details and features

The SOLS Geobionomic Mat is made up of a special European fabric patent called Extrema Clever. Extrema Clever is both a fully certified European brand and fabric, recognised by international architects and designers and used in special Bionomic applications developed exclusively by the SOLS Swiss Optimal Living Society.

It is a highly conductive fabric that is the result of a very accurate combination of unique and special minerals including graphite and other revolutionary components made for industrial applications. The high-tech material uses polyurethane polyethers that guarantee a high resistance to hydrolysis and therefore to wear and aging. These special polyurethane resins, in case of fire or combustion, do not produce dioxins, furans or hydrochloric acid, all dangerous substances for health and the environment. Extrema Clever, and its production, has been completely certified and is made with high quality high-tech raw materials, available in Italy and Europe.

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The Bionomic SOLS grounding point is a rigorously tested and easy-to-use plug, suitable for most electrical outlets (depending on the country). The SOLS Bionomic grounding point is equipped with a 100 kilo-ohm resistor to create a low resistance grounding interface. This allows the plug to keep any conductive dissipation of the current flow safe while maximizing the effectiveness of the earth connection. The plug is equipped with three snap buttons to quickly apply the cables to multiple bionomic uses.

The SOLS Bionomic Cable is equipped with an additional 100 kilo-ohm resistor to further create an extremely effective and secure ground interface.

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