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Natural Ambient Energy (NAE), is today studied by many scientists and analyzed in hundreds of international research studies. The investigation includes empirical data of well-being, ionization and optimization of organic vital parameters which can be created, augmented and activated at different levels of quality within a built environment.

In Energetic Bionomics, the Natural Ambient Energy is defined as empirical because some dimensions transcend classification within a conventional scientific model, but they are real with obvious biological effects.

The Energetic Bionomics method allows a precise determination of the Natural Ambient Energy parameters and evaluates the synergy and syntropy of all the active energy sources in the site.

Modern physics offers us new and impressive definitions of these energies, arriving, for example, for the mathematical calculation of a unified energy preceding the etheric electromagnetic cross-flow.

Magnetic, electrical, ion emissions, any radiation, even light and sounds, inevitably result in profound changes in our physical and neuroendocrine system. These effects sometimes escape direct instrumental discovery, but are real for their tangible, biological effects to them.

It is only a few decades ago, the notion that negative ionic fields produced by mountain air became accepted as beneficial to circulation and oxygenation.

True habitat science is a true preventative medicine, capable of creating perfect balance of energy and energy compliance applied to living space and work.


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