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Electric currents, wi-fi in and around us, dirty electricity and mobile phones always on, what happens on a subtle energy level?

SOLS Conference of 18 May 2016 - Part 1 and Part 2 (Conference in Italian)

Part 1
  • Why consider electromagnetic interference (EMI) for your health.
  • What is the ultimate goal of an energy healthy home or office? A "Rare Place"
  • How EMI (electromagnetic interference) interferes with body posture.
  • Results of SOLS research on the influence of non-biocompatible thin energy fields on posture.
  • What are subtle energies and why they are so important to your health.
  • "Electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity syndrome": what is it and what does it involve?
  • Congested subtle energies: how to recognize them, measure them with the Lecher antenna.
  • The 2.5 L.A. parameter: basic energy, load-bearing life force, flow of life, what happens to you if your home or office does not have this energy and what causes the absence of the 2.5 L.A.? How to hear if there is this parameter?
  • The parameter 8 L.A.: energy and earth information, magnetic energy in nature. 8 L.A. health and financial stability, prosperity, what happens when it is missing?
  • The parameter 12 L.A.: natural cosmic energy, relations with the chakras, communication. Why is she being so urged today? How does Wi-Fi affect the 12 L.A. parameter, what happens when 12 L.A. is missing? Intuition, creativity and mental clarity. Some solutions to reactivate these energy flows.
  • Dr. Hort's personal experience of the difference in the home after making the SOLS harmonization. Brain and nervous system functions and subtle energies: SOLS research.
  • Lack of memory, fatigue concentration and EMI . Children and Wi-Fi.
  • Phones, Wi-Fi, and sleep problems. Problems of short and long term memory and deep sleep. Cell phones and brain tumors. Problems with cordless phones example of a patient with a tumor (Glioma) in the brain.
  • How to use your mobile phone; earphones that erase 99% of the high frequency waves.
Part 2
  • What information enters us through Wi-Fi.
  • Example of a child not sleeping because of the waves of the Wi-Fi.
  • Disequilibrium of bacteria and microorganisms in the intestine and disturbances in communication between cells due to electromagnetic interference.
  • Example of a child with chronic bowel disorders, electromagnetic interference and insomnia; improvements after home treatment with the harmonization proposed by SOLS.
  • Inflammation and electromagnetic interference.
  • "Body Voltage: electrical energy in the body and grounding of SOLS grounding mats. Apparatus for measuring "Body Voltage", specific cases of houses and hospitals with very high body voltage levels. House super-bio and body voltage to the highest values: headache, chronic fatigue and night-time tachycardia.
  • Heart and mind connecting exercise.
  • The heart thinks, beats alone, helps your self-regulation, endurance, flexibility and cognitive skills.
  • The heart has its own memory, produces hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Heart Consistency and Bio-compatible Home Energies of 15.3 L.A. and 17.6 L.A.
  • The heart is able to predict and intuit the future. SOLS research that demonstrates how to achieve cardiac coherence in the workplace and at home.
  • Parameters 15.3 L.A. and 17.6 L.A.
  • How to know in what state of health is your home and your office.
  • Objectives of the SOLS survey and treatment.
  • Your home is a rare place.

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