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Energetic Bionomics (EB) is bionomic science applied to the field of sustainable construction and design.

Environmental Bionomics (from the Greek Bio = life, Nomos = law), in the field of ecology (from Greek Eco = "home" or "environment"; -logy = "study"), is the science that studies the mechanisms, impact and interactions between living organisms and their environment, in relation to all active energy phenomena within residential and work structures.

This field deals with and studies from the technical, scientific, energetic, architectural, design, biological and ethical points of view, all environmental factors and "ideal and sustainable eco-design features" that produce favorable organic interactions in order to achieve superior quality indoor living spaces.

It is directly linked to the scientific field of the Indoor Environment Energetic Quality (IEEQ) and of course to the modern Building Science.

Energetic Bionomics is considered an emerging science for both the widespread need for people to have higher levels of well-being, and for the crucial role played by sustainable and renewable energy, the proper use of natural and artificial electromagnetic waves, and of significant importance the health of the quality of air, water and light in home and working environments.

Together with the world-wide collection of highly valuable scientific data, this science is at the center of a large and growing need in the world.


Research shows that in an Eco-Bionomic Environment, one that has been cleaned and filtered from the congestion of Electromagnetic Interference and Dirty Electricity) as well as optimized in the 6 essential environmental elements, people report the experience of:

A greater sense of wellbeing and relaxation
A less tense atmosphere in both home and work
Beneficial sound and air quality
Improving air quality
Improvement in concentration and an increase in their sense of vitality
Improved ability to communicate with customers and colleagues
Increased productivity

In the science of Energetic Bionomics, all environmental phenomenon are examined in a complex mechanism of interaction and overlap between the active components within an environment. Each environment is measured to define, as precisely as possible, the occupants’ personal level of sensitivity and reactivity to these influences.

SOLS believes each environment has a relative “exposure level" with different levels depending on the greater or lesser sensitivity of the people who live or work in the environment.


Energetic Bionomics is an emerging field of building science focused on the ideal biological and energetic environmental conditions for indoor living.

This necessity has been accelerated by the massive impact of modern technology and the introduction of Wi-fi pollution and Dirty Electricity into our lives. SOLS has an internationally active Department of Education and offers unique solutions for indoor bio-compatibility.

Innovative Technologies to Create Indoor Wellness

  • Earth Radiation Coherence
  • Light Coherence
  • Sound Coherence
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Electromagnetic Coherence
  • Water Coherence

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