SOLS appears on RSI falò television program


Last week SOLS appeared on the RSI television show falò. The episode, broadcast 12.12.19, is about the very important issue of 5G, and how your electromagnetic environment is essential for you to consider and be aware of.

5G Yes 5G No

The battle around 5G, the fifth generation of mobile phones is getting more and more heated. Signatures are being collected throughout Switzerland to block the development of the 5G network until we know what the impact of electromagnetic waves on health is. But clear and definitive answers are not forthcoming, and the report of the experts led by the Federal Office for the Environment has not helped to dispel the doubts either. And so the camps are more divided than ever, between those who prefer to stop and reflect and those who believe that the development of the country passes through digitization and therefore also 5G. Bonfire tried to bring some clarity to a theme that is passionate and frightening and around which there is a lot of confusion. [Taken from the CSR website]

Some special SOLS appearances in the show:

  • Elenrose Caputo (Professional EBP) of SOLS and William Meneghin (Engineer) testing a home at 21:30
  • Roberto Wettstein (Engineer and EBP) discussing Electrosensitivity at 25:18
  • Roberto Ostinelli (Medico) at 32:08 – notice the SOLS Geobionomic Mat on his desk!

The entire program is an excellent discussion about this important topic that you, your friends and family should be aware of.












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