United for Ticino! Swiss Optimal Living Society donates 50 Ojas EcoBionizers to help the elderly.


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Press release SOLS Sagl Swiss Optimal Living Society of 27.3.2020 - Comano, Switzerland

It is essential at this time of the COVID-19 crisis to have access to an air free of viruses and bacteria, especially for the population most at risk, the elderly and immunodepressed. To help in this difficult situation, Swiss Optimal Living Society has committed to donate 50 Ojas EcoBionizers worth 65,000 francs to the Elderly Houses of Ticino.

Charles K. Cortella, Director of Research at the Company, said "these units are useful for destroying viruses and bacteria in the air and on indoor surfaces. In these difficult times we at SOLS want to help provide the elderly population, who may be more compromised and prone to this current infection, with the best possible environment. These units also help to create vitality in the air, so that on these long days when they will not be able to go outside, these elderly people can breathe cleaner, more energized air.

The Swiss Optimal Living Society (SOLS) based in Comano deals with environmental welfare. SOLS has developed a revolutionary approach in the fields of environmental energy science and bionomics, and has entered into international partnerships with leading companies in the sector. The aim is to create safe, sustainable and energizing environments where people can live and work.

Ojas EcoBionizer units are unique in their patented control process of bipolar ionization and irradiated energy power. Ojas EcoBionizer units control that the amount of positive and negative ions emitted is always standardized and energy-enhanced and similar to that naturally occurring in natural healthy environments. The bipolar ionization process of Ojas EcoBionizers allows you to benefit from negative ions in their most natural, bioavailable, energized and regenerating form. Both negative and positive ions are essential to help destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and other pollutants in the air you breathe.

The President of the Company, Dominique Hort, said, "It is clear that our internal environment has been compromised. We at SOLS are committed to helping our community overcome this situation. Our greatest asset in Switzerland is the Swiss people, and we will do everything we can to continue to help our community, especially those most in need. We look forward to returning to normal activities, but now is the time for us to show solidarity, so that we can all move forward towards a healthier and more vital future".

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Who is SOLS Sagl Swiss Optimal Living Society
Swiss Optimal Living Society (SOLS) is a Swiss company that deals with Indoor Environment Energetic Optimization & Bionomics - Bionomics applied to construction science and sustainable design. SOLS offers simple but substantial solutions to improve the quality of life and energy of our home, work, study and care environment. Through its four departments, Technology, Education, Research and Certification, SOLS offers a new model of construction design, with eco-sustainable solutions for optimized liveability.

Swiss Optimal Living Society
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nfo@solsociety.swiss Phone: +41 91 228 0640

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